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Jump Start

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When you get in your car, and it will not start, it is dead, there are no dash lights, and it will not turn over; you are stuck. What if you need to be somewhere and you cannot rely on your vehicle? You need to have a jump start, and who can help you with that?  If you have a friend or a neighbor with jumper cables, they can help you get your car started, but if they do not have jumper cables, who can you call?  Locust Grove Towing can provide you with the assistance you need in your time of need. We can give you the best service possible, right when you need it.


Our Experts Will Get You Back on the Road Fast


Having car problems can be a real headache, mainly when you are in a hurry and need to be somewhere important. When you leave your car lights on for too long when your car is off, your battery can die, which means that your car will not start. You can try to jump-start your car by yourself, but you can cause severe damage to your car if you do not do it correctly. When you add jumper cables to your car, you are potentially damaging your car’s electrical system. When you need a jump start, call our team of experts, we can take care of your car, get it started and get you on the road quickly.


You can Trust the Locust Grove Towing Team


We have worked hard since we started our business to build a reputation of reliability and excellence. We work hard to go above and beyond what our customers request of us. We do all that we can to get their car running again. A jump start is only a temporary fix; your battery will need to be tested and checked over.  It could be that your battery needs to be replaced. You will need to deal with that too, but it means that you will not find yourself stranded in the future. 

We promise to arrive quickly and provide you with the service you need. We do not overcharge. Ever. We always offer our services at prices that people can afford, and we do not increase our prices because you are in need. We provide the best services that will help you the most when you need them. If you need a jump start, contact us, we promise to get you on your way fast. You can rely on us to offer practical solutions that will get you back on the road fast. We understand how to complete a jump start without blowing up your electrical system.


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We know that when your call comes in, it means that you need assistance now, and we will get to your location as quickly as we can. We will arrive at your site with what is required to get you back on the road fast. You only pay for the services we provide. If we cannot get your car started, we will tow you to a service garage of your choosing.

Locust Grove Towing wants you to know that we care about your needs, and we do not overcharge you when you need a service. We only charge for services we provide, and there are never add-ons or hidden fees.


Contact us now to let us know how we can help. We are happy to explain our services, decide what you need, provide you with an estimate, and quickly get you back on the road.