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At Locust Grove Towing Service, we know that vehicles can break down or have issues on the road at the least convenient moment, and it’s a major delay in your day. To help you solve your car or motorcycle problems while traveling, we have a team of professionals on deck to help you as soon as you call us. We do roadside jobs like transport, repair, and removal so you can get your vehicle up and running, or have it repaired safely at the nearest garage. Our roadside assistance includes tire repair, battery jump-starting, and on-the-spot fuel delivery for a quick return to your itinerary.

Got any roadside issues? At Locust Grove Towing Services, we have a professional team for handling any issue with your car or motorcycle. Our clients can expect only the highest quality assistance in line with our commitment to provide Locust Grove area motorists with a safe and hassle-free travel experience.

Emergency Assistance for Vehicles


No one wants their ride to break down while they’re on a long or important trip. That’s a serious emergency and it can be a pain to rectify. As long-time mechanics, we at Locust Grove Towing Services are experts in dealing with that. We’re standing by to assist with vehicular troubles at any hour of your day. Our service is guaranteed to reach you at any time. We’ll gladly work on handling your car or motorcycle troubles so you can have a safe trip ahead of you.

Fuel Delivery in Locust Grove

No need to fret about running out of fuel before you can reach the nearest gas pump or town. If you need some extra gas, just give us a call and we’ll send our fuel delivery service to fill your tank up with enough fuel to get you safely to your next destination.

Jump Start in Locust Grove

It can be pretty annoying to deal with a vehicle with a dead battery. Call our jump-starting services and we’ll bring your car back to life so you can get going with the rest of your day. We have professionals who know how to jump-start a vehicle safely and efficiently. There’s no need to risk jump-starting your car, especially if your jumper cables are old or damaged.

Our mechanics will deliver a good, quick jolt to any dead battery. A dead battery doesn’t have to put a big delay in your trip. We at Griffin Towing Services act quickly to restart your vehicle. To make sure your trips in the future are just as safe, we recommend you get any faulty batteries checked and replaced on your next visit to a garage.

If you come across a car or motorcycle that’s improperly parked on the road or on someone’s property, call Locust Grove Towing Services so we can deploy an impounding team to quickly remove a potential risk from the premises. Our impounding service is trained to take violating vehicles away safely and without damaging them.

Vehicle Removal & Impound Service in Locust Grove

For many minor car or motorcycle issues, our team can fix them while you’re on the road. Our team of mechanics can do replacement and repair jobs for any vehicle. If we find any substantial issue that needs to be fixed in a nearby garage, we’ll even help get your car there. Our experts will provide you with advice on your future travels to run smoothly.

Roadside Assistance in Locust Grove
Tire Change or Repair in Locust Grove

No need to sweat over a flat tire or not having an extra tire or the tools needed to replace it. At a moment’s notice, our professionals can come over and fix your flat handily. You’ll feel confident that your new tire is snug and secure on your vehicle as you continue driving.

Removing and replacing tires can be done on your own, but you might want our experienced mechanics on hand to see if there are other problems with your tire or vehicle. Our assistance team has been working on vehicular assistance for years and we can check if your vehicle is experiencing other issues as we work on your flat

For major vehicle issues that need to be handled in a garage, give our towing service a call. Towing is what we’re known for. We’ll guarantee your vehicle will stay safe and secure as we bring it from the roadside to the mechanic. After we give your car a thorough assessment, our towing team will also help secure transportation for you as we carefully tow your vehicle.

When you work with us at Locust Grove Towing Services, you can expect to be behind the wheel in no time. Our fleet of tow trucks will guarantee a smooth and safe tow for any motor vehicle. We also offer Motorcycle Towing.

Got a vehicle stuck in a rut, hole, or ditch? No worries! Our towing team always has a plan for taking your vehicle out of a tight spot and towing it to safety. We also offer Long Distance Towing.

Towing Services in Locust Grove

When a vehicular accident happens in your area or property, it can leave a huge wreck and scatter debris all over the roadway. You don’t need this hazard around, and if you call our wrecker service, we’ll get to cleaning up the mess thoroughly and swiftly. We help keep the roadways of Locust Grove’s homes, businesses, and community free of debris, and we make sure that we don’t cause any distractions for the people while we’re working.

Accidents can cause traffic because of the wreckage and debris that motorists have to navigate around. We’re dedicated to looking out for you and our fellow motorists, and our professional wrecker service will sweep up all that junk to turn into scrap metal. We’ll do any clean-up job thoroughly and at the appropriate time of day to minimize inconveniences.

Accident Removal in Locust Grove
Cash for Junk Cars Locust Grove

If you have an old, junky car that you’re planning to get rid of, you might be wondering if it’s worth selling to a tow company. In most cases, the answer is no. Tow companies typically only offer a small amount of money for junk cars, and they often charge high fees for towing and storage. However, there are a few situations where selling your car to a tow company might be the best option. For example, if your car is in such poor condition that it can’t be safely towed, a tow company might be willing to pay you a higher price to take it off your hands. Or, if you need to get rid of your car quickly and don’t have time to find a private buyer, selling to a tow company may be your best bet. Ultimately, whether or not selling your junk car to a tow company is worth it depends on your individual circumstances.

Contact the Experts at Locust Grove Towing Services

At Locust Grove Towing Services, we’re committed to bringing our team of detail-oriented, skillful servicemen to help you fix roadside problems with your car or motorcycle. It’s our duty as professionals to keep the Locust Grove area and community safe for motorists. Once you call, we’ll come by quickly to address any vehicular emergency. We pride ourselves in offering the skills, tools, and personnel you need for an excellent car or motorcycle roadside assistance.

Our lines stay open at all hours of the day, all week. For swift, dependable towing and roadside assistance, call Locust Grove Towing Services now at (678) 293-4370.

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