Vehicle Removal & Impound Service in Locust Grove

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Many property owners and people with parking lots have problems with vehicles that have been abandoned on their property. If a car is parked in a spot not assigned to it or is sitting with a for sale sign in it or a fire lane, it can be a problem. When you are dealing with illegally parked vehicles, this is when you should contact Locust Grove Towing to inquire about having these vehicles impounded.

Every municipality has legal limits and regulations around parking, including how many vehicles can be parked on commercial or residential properties. If a car is parked in an area where they are not allowed to park, they take a chance that their vehicle may be towed. If a vehicle is parked on private property without permission of the owner, and the vehicle owner chooses to ignore the signs that say they will be towed, they have been warned. Their car may be gone when they return to the area.


Private Property Impound


You may encounter a vehicle blocking your driveway parked in your parking area or another place where it should not be. Locust Grove Towing will arrive at your location, remove the car and take it to our impound lot. The vehicle owner will have to contact us to get their vehicle back once we have towed it away.

We have professional two truck drivers that offer any towing service you need. Whether you want emergency services or a vehicle removed, we can assist you with that service. We can take a car and tow it off to an impound lot to stay until its owner comes to retrieve it. As you continue to call our company to use our impound services, you may notice that people no longer park where they should not.


Commercial Clients can Use our Impound Service Free of Charge


We provide commercial customers with towing services for free when towing vehicles out of a commercial area. The reason that the service is free is that the vehicle owner will be on the hook for the bill when they arrive to retrieve their vehicle from the tow lot. We would be pleased to come to your location to take any unwanted cars away. Call Locust Grove Towing when you need professional services with exemplary customer service. We take pride in offering our team of professionals for your towing needs.


Contact Locust Grove Towing to Fulfil your Towing Requirements


Do you need regular towing or emergency towing services? We offer a wide range of towing services and can help you when you need a tow. We never add to your parking problem, but we will be the final solution that works for you.

Contact us; we are happy to take care of illegally parked cars and arrive at your location to take those vehicles away. You can have these vehicles removed because they are parked without your consent. We take care of many property owners and deal with cars that are not appropriately parked, whether on residential or commercial property. We offer a wide range of towing services from all types of parking situations, including:

  • Commercial parking lots
  • Strata parking lots
  • Underground parking lots
  • Fire lanes
  • Vehicle recovery services

We work under local bylaws and laws that give us the authority to tow problem vehicles away. If you have an issue with a car parked on your property that should not be, contact Locust Grove Towing, we will arrive quickly to remove that vehicle with our handy impounding service.